Pinchos Jamon con Datil – Bacon Wrapped Dates

Although on all Tapas menus, Pinchos Jamon con Datil is in fact a pincho! What’s the difference?

Well, they are Tapas but when served on a stick they are called Pinchos!

I always order a 1/2 ration or as a tapa when eating out in a restaurant or bar but they are so pricey for a handful.

Pinchos Jamon con Datil are so easy to make I usually buy a packet of de-seeded dates and a pack of dried prunes and then a couple of hundred grams of streaky bacon.


  • 1 pack of dates de-seeded
  • 200g streaky bacon

Preparation method:

On a cutting board lay out the bacon, rasher at a time and place the flat of your Chef knife on the rasher and flatten. This method streches the bacon so you get more pinchos.

Get a date or dried prune and roll until fruit is wrapped once and a bit then cut the bacon and prick with cocktail stick. Use wooden ones as they have to go in the oven.

When all are ready to go bake on a baking tray in the oven at 160°c.

This is such an easy recipe and of course go with the flow. If you don’t have bacon you can always use some Serrano ham. Equally as nice although the ham dries up quicker and it is of course sliced much thinner. You can also roll a thin slice of Manchego cheese in with the fruit.