Nigel on Food!

This website is about food, in particular food I like, brought to you in what is mostly traditional recipes made the way they are supposed to be made. For more non traditional, but very tasty recipes check out Grilling and Family Faves. A bit about me, well, I’m Nigel and I love finding out about food and drink through travelling and researching and then reliving those moments in my kitchen, sharing them with family and friends.

I am married with two young sons and an even younger daughter.

I work from home designing websites with my buddy Woody who is based in Toronto, Canada, and at the same time I’m also a house father, cooking the meals etc and making sure my kids get to school.

Many years ago I started writing reviews on travel, places, where to go, what to do, what to watch out for, local customs etc for a couple of websites, unfortunately unpaid, but I really enjoyed the writing, so I thought it time to get a bit more serious about it and share some of my passions with you.

I consider myself a bit of a foodie. Not just because I love food, but I am passionate about food. I am constantly learning about food, like where it comes from, traditions, how it’s cooked, special ingredients, spice combinations, how it’s grown or reared, methods of cooking and importantly what they drink with it.

I am known for my passion for food and wine by my friends and I always make sure that they and my family have good, tasty, but maybe not always healthy food.

Our grill and dinner parties are always welcomed and I’m always up for a theme night. For example I have a collection of olive oils from many different countries, as in my view, you shouldn’t be making Spanish tapas using Italian olive oil! You don’t drink Chianti with with your Boeuf Bourguignon, and so on. But that is how I am and it does annoy my wife at times, especially when I spend days trying to find bottled water for a Greek night!

So my friends, this site is to share with you some of my favourite recipes and how they became a favourite. I hope you like my blog and I also hope I can share some of my food and drink tips with you and occasionally make you laugh and share some of my life through a lens and travel experiences.

Please keep coming back as I will be working on this ongoing!


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