I See Rain

It’s been an interesting Easter break. Not much happening on the work front so took the time out with my family and also managed to get some gardening done.

The weather has been really mixed, which, as a fair weather gardener like me means not too much got done! Have managed to get a couple of trays of mixed tomato seeds on the go along with some courgette, cucumber and Bright Lights chard.

On the spending time with family front, we managed a few days out starting with a visit to the Planetarium. This was the first visit for me and a good chance to take a quick nap!

Next we took a drive out to Linum, a typical crusty run down town in Brandenburg. The town has in fact been spruced up since my last visit and what is interesting about this town is that it is home to the visiting White Stork which summers here every year and build their nests on chimney pots throughout the town. The town also has a nature reserve with several lakes where the storks hunt frogs to fatten up their young!

This region is also well known for it’s asparagus and rape fields.

Another day out took us to Spandau Citadelle where a Knight Festival took place. It was pretty cool as the courtyard was built up as a medieval village with all the stall owners dressed up in traditional gear. There were plenty of people dressed up as knights too, including my two boys! We watched some sword fighting and jousting and sat and enjoyed some beer out of terracotta cups and some traditional stone oven bread.

Next up we will be grilling with some friends and to finish off the week there is another pie fest on at the Gift pub so I will be meeting up with Laura from Pieoneers and tasting her latest offerings. Maybe I’ll get to take some people along this time?

Hopefully the weather will suit me over the next few days and my garden will get some attention. I have some fruit bushes that need planting. My boys can’t get enough blueberries etc and they aren’t cheap, so growing my own will ensure we save a bit of money, but above all have proper BIO or Organic fruit!

Have at em!