Preparing For Planting

It is great relief to me that I finally got round to getting my beds ready for my veggies. I feel quite ashamed of myself as a gardener actually, because I still had decaying old broccoli and some chard plants festering in their beds!

Anyway, after several back breaking hours my beds are cleaned of any debris, weeds and signs of the terrible harvest of last year. Now it is time to plan what will be going into the beds and where. Crop rotation is important but also I don’t want things growing too high and shading the other beds.

I must order my seeds too. I have quite the collection, but where I get my seeds, they send in packs of 500 or so. Now these would probably last me a short lifetime. Last year some of the crops weren’t really worthwhile growing either. I tried growing mini gems last year and they all looked a bit alien! I think I will buy some ready grown from the garden centre this year. Toms have no problem nor beans and courgette.

After the back breaking morning, thankfully we had glorious sun all day, so I went with my family, boys on their bikes down to our local lake and the playground. We met some friends there and of course on the way home had to stop at the beer garden for a nice cold Radeburger!

Onwards and upwards…until next time!

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